Geothermal Heating: A Lifetime Investment

Installing a geothermal heat pump is a long-term investment for all your heating and cooling needs.  Although geothermal heat pump installation requires high up front costs, you will start seeing a return on your investment in just a few short years.

How long will my geothermal heat pump last?

The ground loop installed in your yard can be expected to last well over 50 years, at which time the piping or liquid may need to be replaced. The costly and destructive process of installing a ground loop is basically only a one-time fee for a homeowner, as it expected to last throughout their lifetime.

The geothermal heat pump (the unit inside your house) that accompanies the ground loop also has a rather long life expectancy. The life span of a geothermal heat pump can be compared to that of an air conditioning unit or a furnace: 12-15 years. Unlike an air conditioner or furnace, a geothermal heat pump can pay off its cost in about 6 years.  Although both systems have the same average life expectancy, geothermal heat pumps reward the homeowner with energy savings.

You will see the greatest returns on your geothermal heat pump if it is installed correctly.  See our article How to Find a Qualified Geothermal Contractor for tips on selecting the best contractor in your area.

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  1. Only 12-15 years? I am considering a geothermal retrofit, but at about $50k (before tax credits), it would take 22-25 years to pay back, but if I’ll have to spend thousands on the pump part, I’ll be more in the hole. Please clarify.

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