Financial information related to ground source heat pumps is often hard to come by, especially when it comes to estimated figures. The patient pending Ball Park Investment Calculator provides an output which should paint a good picture of what installing a Geothermal Heat Pump will look like financially for you. For many homeowners switching to geothermal can be a very wise investment - here is an example story of geothermal by the numbers.

Calculator takes into account... To produce a Ball Park Estimate of..
  • Location
  • Local Climate
  • Building Characteristics
  • Existing Comfort Systems
  • Local Energy Prices
  • Current Bills
  • Geothermal Installation Cost
  • System Size
  • Savings Over Time
  • Monthly Loan Payments
  • Payback Period
  • Increase in Home Value

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Please note that the calculator is intended to produce Ball Park figures, it is not producing an official quote or an exact system sizing. The numbers in the output are not to be used as an official quote or engineering document, ever.

Geothermal or Solar?

To make the wisest choice for your family we encourage you to get a quote for each type of system separately. Once you know the upfront costs and expected operating costs you can find out how much each technology will save you each month or year. Compare these numbers to the cost of installation and you'll have a great idea of which technology to choose (that is if you can't have both). To get a solar quote start below. For geothermal use the form on the top right.