Quebec Geothermal

Year round in Quebec, nearly 50% of the suns energy is absorbed into the earth where is maintains a consistent temperature just below your feet. Geothermal technology takes advantage of the constant renewable energy source by combining a series of loops installed outside your house, underground, with a heat pump system inside. This combination of high performance technology allows you to tap into the earth’s natural heating and cooling properties to consistently distribute warm or cool air in your home in Quebec – no matter what the season!

Quebec Financial Incentives to go Geothermal

If you decide on a geothermal system, you can get a grant from Hydro-Québec. For existing detached houses, additional financial assistance is available through the Rénoclimat® program offered by Québec's Agence de l'efficacité énergétique.

  • New Construction - $2800
  • Existing Single Family Home: heated entirely with electricity or a dual energy system (rate DT) for at least a year.
  • Grant from Hydro-Quebec for Geothermal System - $2,000
  • Average grant following improvement of home - $1,300
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