New Brunswick Geothermal

New Brunswick is contributing to a better environment! Geothermal heating and cooling systems draw upon the natural heat produced by the Earth to heat and cool your home or business. Very little electricity is used by the heat pump itself. No fossilized fuels are used. Therefore, there are no emissions, which are known to contribute to The Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming!

New Brunswick Financial Incentives to go Geothermal

The Province of Manitoba currently offers two types of incentives to encourage the use of geothermal for heating and cooling:

  • Efficiency NB will subsidize the cost of Natural Resources Canada’s residential energy assessment service by $400. The cost to you depends on the size of your home, starting at $50 for a house of 2000 ft2 (including basement).
  • Once recommended upgrades have been completed and you have received your final home rating, Efficiency NB offers either;
    • A Grant: 20% of eligible upgrade costs (including HST) to a maximum of $2000; OR
    • A Loan: interest-free loan of up to $10,000 repayable over a maximum 6-year term.

New Brunswick Case Study: $4,000 Savings

“My husband is feeling very differently about Geothermal now. Not only is he enjoying the warmer house, especially on cold mornings, but also he loves the $4000 savings we have enjoyed this winter by not heating with oil. After we tighten up the house by re-caulking and add extra insulation to the attic, we should save even more next winter!" ~A New Brunswick Family

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