How to Find a Qualified Geothermal Contractor

Investing your money in a geothermal heating system can be scary, especially when you don€™t know what to look for in an installer. In order to ease your uncertainty, here are some helpful tips into finding your local qualified geothermal heating contractor:1) Certification by the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) or by a geothermal heat pump manufacture. Before installing a geothermal heat pump system, it is important that the contractor has the proper certification, training, and knowledge about geothermal heating. The IGSHPA and geothermal heat pump manufacturers offer classes and training in geothermal heating to make sure contractors are properly installing systems in homes.2) Experience is key. In finding a contractor, make sure they have prior experience in installing geothermal heating systems in homes. The more experience and familiarity the contractor has with geothermal heating, the better the installation.3) References. The best way to find out the qualifications of the contractor is to talk to their previous customers first hand. Ask the contractor for references of homeowners that they have previously worked for and have installed geothermal heating. Most importantly make sure the homeowner that was referenced has had their system for over a year. It is important that the reference has had the geothermal heat pump for over a year to make sure that the installed system properly and effectively heats and cools their home.Less expensive systems may be selling you short. Although a contractor maybe offering a less expensive price, it doesn€™t necessarily mean the system has the same effectiveness. A contractor that offers you a cheaper price may be selling you a system that doesn€™t have enough piping to heat and cool your home. The less expensive price in installing a geothermal heat pump could mean that you are paying more in the long run when your system doesn€™t properly heat and cool your home.Check Out Our Installer Locater to find a Geothermal Expert Near You!