Historic New Hampshire Theater Cuts Cost by 50% with Geothermal Heat Pump

The Verdant Pastures’ Leddy Center for the Performing Arts Theater is a perfect example of not only the feasibility, but also the benefits of retrofitting older buildings with a geothermal heat pump system. The 20-ton geothermal system was installed by Intelligent Heat and Power of Stratham, NH and took three months to complete the installation.Steve and Andrea Kaneb bought the Theater along with the rest of the 93-acre property in 2008 with plans to restore and remodel many of the buildings. The Theater was the first building to see improvements because the HVAC system was completely shot.Intelligent Heat and Power spent almost three weeks designing the system which was installed in the rare horizontal loop fashion. “Occasionally residential projects use horizontal loops if there is sufficient soil depth, but commercial properties are almost always vertical in this region,” explained Jeffrey Brideau, president of Intelligent Heat and Power. “The owner was fortunate in their site location. Likely due to being on the shore of the Lamprey River, there is a good amount of overburden on their plot. It would be hard to ask for better soil. At about five feet we hit clay, and above that is sand. The ground source heat pump system is also located at the bottom of a gradual hill which will allow for a consistent flow of groundwater, thus improving the thermal conductivity of the ground.The new geothermal system will be responsible for heating and cooling over 200 patrons at any given time inside the auditorium. The system will not only be able to handle this heating and cooling load but it will do so in an eco-friendly manner. The Kanebs are thrilled that their new heating and cooling system is not only reliable and green, but will also save them thousands of dollars on energy costs."A geothermal heating and cooling system such as this one is an excellent choice for a commercial or private property," said Brideau. “They are extremely efficient over a huge range of temperatures, from sub-zero winter mornings to 100 degree summer days. In addition they can save up to 70% on heating and cooling bills while reducing the impact on our environment."Brideau expects the geothermal heating and cooling system to result in almost $5,000 a year in energy savings.The Kanebs will continue to renovate other Verdant Pastures buildings in the upcoming months and years.Quotes gathered by ContractorMag.com