Geothermal Users Can Win Free Air Conditioning Summer 2011

Free Air Conditioning Beneath Your Feet Sweep Stakes!Are you a currently geothermal heat pump user? Write a testimonial on and you could win electric bill compensation for an entire summer. GeothermalGenius has just launched the summer version of the "Free Heat Beneath Your Feet Sweepstakes" to help promote geothermal heat pumps as a viable alternative energy resource. The 2011 winter drawing won Dale and Linda Binkley of Landenberg, PA electric bill compensation for the entire winter. Now is the time to enter for the Summer Version - the "Free AC Beneath Your Feet Sweepstakes" [caption id="attachment_351" align="alignright" width="221" caption="Geothermal Users Can Win Free Air Conditioning"][/caption]Contest DetailsOnly property owners with geothermal heat pumps can log onto to submit their experiences/testimonials with geothermal. Previous Entries from the winter sweepstakes are automatically entered in the summer drawing so their is no need to repost.*** Update. New Drawing Date will be August 15, 2011 ***A random drawing will be held at the Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh, Pa and the Grand Prize Winner will be notified. *The Grand Prize Winner will receive electric bill compensation for the entirety of the summer: June, July, & August.The Grand Prize Winner will submit copies of their summer electric bills to GeothermalGenius to be reimbursed 100% (up to $2,000).Click here for complete sweepstakes rulesAre you considering replacing your furnace or air conditioner? Check out our testimonial page to see why you should install a geothermal heat pump system!Write your Geo Testimonial Now