Geothermal Myth #2: My Geothermal Unit Will Need a Backup

This myth is completely reliant upon appropriate sizing of your geothermal unit. Sizing is one of the most important factors when installing a geothermal unit which is why it is essential to use a qualified geothermal contractor. An undersized system will not only require a backup unit but it will rely heavily on the backup unit during extreme temperatures. Constant use of a backup unit will end up costing you even more than traditional heating and cooling solutions.If you have a correctly sized unit, you do not need a backup system. Geothermal unites are equipped with an auxiliary heating unit that runs on electric. This backup system does not exist as a supplemental heat source for extremely cold temperatures; it is only in place to serve as a precaution in the rare instance that your geothermal heat pump breaks down.By utilizing the constant temperature in the ground a geothermal heat pump does not need a backup radiator or furnace as supplemental heat on extremely cold days. Myth #2 is put to rest; geothermal heat pumps do NOT need a backup heat supply.Myth #1: Geothermal Heat Pumps Don€™t Work in the Extreme ColdCheck back for Myth #3: I can€™t afford a geothermal heat pump system