Geothermal Heating in North America

While citizens of Switzerland and Sweden wallow in their plentiful demand of geothermal heating and cooling, the countries of North America have fallen grossly behind. Consider this: While in excess of 75% of homes in these two adapting countries are heated and cooled by use of geoexchange, the United States and Canada boast an entire 1% of homeowners who utilize geothermal technology. One percent! Unreal, isn't it? Actually, no, it isn't unreal. These statistics are very real, and probably as astounding as they sound.That said, with the rest of the world finding favor in geothermal heating and cooling, it's high time we make an effort to catch up. While countries like Switzerland have an enormous head start at this juncture, the goal isn't necessarily 75% for the United States and Canada. The first benchmark? Let's go with 2%. If, through increasing public awareness of and consumer confidence in geothermal technology, we're able to double the number of households with a geothermal heat pump in North America, we're certainly headed in the right direction. We'll have won a small battle in the war for renewable energy technologies, but a key battle, nonetheless.Help Geothermal Genius, as we continue to strive to increase geothermal public awareness in North America, and the world over.