Geothermal Heat Pumps: The Cold Hard Facts

Here at Geothermal Genius we spend a lot of time telling our readers about all of the potential savings they could see by installing a geothermal heat pump as well the impact they could have on the environment, but now we want to show you the cold hard facts.Popularity There are over 1 million residential geothermal heat pumps currently installed in the United States Over 60,000 geothermal heat pumps are installed in the United States each year Over 400,000 geothermal heat pumps are shipped in the UnitedEnvironmental Impact Geothermal heat pumps currently being utilized have resulted in: Saving 40 trillion BTUs of fossil fuels annually Eliminating at least 1.6 million metric tons of carbon equivalent annually Saving almost 8 million kWh Eliminating over 5.8 million metric tons of CO2 annually Reducing electricity need by 2.6 million kW The use of geothermal heat pumps today is equivalent to: Planting over 385 million trees Reducing reliance on foreign fuels by 21.5 million barrels of crude oil annually Removing 1,295,00 cars from the roadFinancial Benefits Geothermal systems save up to 70% on heating bills and 40% on cooling bills The cost per Btu of heating is significantly lower for geothermal heat pumps when compared to other heating options Hopefully the numbers have converted a few of you non-believers, but if you are still skeptical ask someone who already has geothermal installed. 95% of current geothermal users would recommend it to their friends and given the chance would install it again!References: Department of Energy ( Yoder Geothermal ( Bair Necessities Geothermal (