Geothermal Example Costs

We have talked a lot about the savings you will see from installing a geothermal heat pump system in your home but we have not yet mentioned exactly how much you can expect to pay in heating, cooling, and hot water bills each year. While your bills will vary depending on how warm or cool you like to keep your home, how well insulated and sealed your home is and a number of other factors, here are some numbers for a few homes with GeoExchange systems.The following numbers are for well-insulated homes in New Hampshire and were collected by the Public Service of New Hampshire for the 2005-2006 year. The total cost for heating, cooling, and hot water for one year: 2,048 square foot home- $849 2,400 square foot home- $635 2,880 square foot home- $717 3,126 square foot home- $674 3,797 square foot home- $1,060 4,914 square foot home- $1,303 8,066 square foot home- $3,033 26,000 square foot home- $9,940If you want to get even more accurate numbers based on your specific home, check out our Geothermal Cost Calculator.