Climate Changes Causing More People to Consider Geothermal

The summers seem to just keep getting hotter, don't they? With the climate changes that have occurred over the past 10 years, those cooler 75 degree summer days in the northeast seem to be few and far between. Just this summer we suffered through a brutal heat wave with temperatures breaking 100 degrees in many of the eastern states. With temperatures constantly hovering around 90 degrees and humidity clogging up the air, air conditioning and cooling units are forced to work overtime just to keep rooms almost comfortable.A number of people have found that their old, traditional air conditioning units can't keep up with the demand and have decided to make the switch to an efficient and reliable geothermal cooling system. The workers at the Mt. Pleasant wastewater treatment facility in Michigan have endured working in 96 degree conditions this summer due to their dead air conditioning system. However, the wastewater treatment facility has been approved for a new geothermal HVAC system to keep them warm in the upcoming winter and cool next summer.A geothermal heat pump system is not affected by climate change because it utilizes the air underground which is a constant 55-65 degrees. Despite climate change and 100 degree heat waves, the air being used to cool your home is only 55-65 degrees. Since the heat pump does not have to compete with the 95 degree temperature outside, it does not have to work nearly has hard keep your home a comfortable temperature. A more efficient heat pump means a lower electric bill and a happier you!Are you struggle to stay cool this summer? Switch to a geothermal cooling system and you won't have to worry about a scorching summer next year.