Geothermal Making Its Mark in Ohio

Geothermal Heating and Cooling is an extremely efficient, environmentally friendly way to heat and cool your Ohio home or business. Heating and cooling bills are reduced by an average of 40% to 70% with Geothermal, while reducing the air pollution created by traditional heating and cooling methods.

The Earth is like a "solar battery" absorbing nearly half of the sun’s energy. The ground stays a relatively constant temperature throughout the seasons, providing a warm heat source in the winter and a cool heat sink in the summer that keeps your Ohio home with constant comfort.

Ohio has a number of rebate and loan programs to install your new Geothermal System in your home:

The Federal incentive covers 30% of the expenditures in the year the incentive is taken, up to a cap of $2,000 if the property was installed prior to January 1, 2009. Qualifying geothermal heat pump property installed after December 31, 2008 is eligible for 30% of the installed cost without a cap, as provided under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Tax Act of 2009 (ARRA) . The incentive is available for taxpayers installing qualifying equipment at their primary residence or a second home, but not for a rental property. This incentive is available till December 2016.

To qualify, tax payers will need to have evidence regarding:

  • the cost of the system,
  • when it was placed in service

OH Geothermal Testimonials

The Heart of Ohio Girl Scout Council from South Zanesville says:
The primary reasons for choosing geothermal were energy efficiency and aesthetics. Since the Girl Scouts host both indoor and outdoor activities, the Council wanted to avoid having large, noisy outside equipment that would interrupt the natural setting. With geothermal, they get the lowest operating costs and reduced impact on their environment. It\'s a perfect fit.
Installed by:

Janell Ogelsby from Cincinnati says:
The guys at Western Hills Heating and Geothermal Drilling did a fantastic job on our geothermal installation. They were not the cheapest but they had no subcontractors and we had very low bills this severe winter. I believe the sizing for heat and extra loop they recomended are the reasons why.
Installed by: Western Hills Heating, AC

Bill from Barnesville says:
A new house across the street was built with geothermal heating. They love it so far.
Installed by:

Bill from Barnesville says:
Our house is so comfortable
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Anonymous from Granville says:
We built a 6-ton Water Furnace horizontal loop system into the new 3500 sq ft home we just had built. The system is very quiet. We no longer have any noise associated with the exterior air conditioner like we had in our previous home. We look forward to the winter to determine the total impact of the system efficiency and are pleased with our decision to install Geo from the beginning!
Installed by: Federated H&C, Dresden,

Alan Barsfeld from Cincinnati says:
We have 2 systems in our 4,300 sq. ft. home and replaced both furnace and air units in 2011 with WaterFurnace Geo systems from Arronco Comfort Air. They had the best reputation in our region and it was an easy decision compared to the other 3 bids. So far we are saving an average of 38% annually. I would recommend this technology.
Installed by: Arronco Comfort Air