Change the Air Filter


Maintaining a geothermal system for the homeowner is simple. Replace the air filter when needed (about every 2 to 4 months). This is the most important part of an owners responsibility. Make it a habit - like changing the oil on your automobile.

Owners manuals have a checklist which should also be adhered to however the steps are basic are no more involved than traditional heating/cooling equipment. Here are a few.

  • Check the Unit & Accessories (semi-annually) - Check for LEDs that are on.
  • Observe Drain Pan (annually) - During air conditioning season condensation is normal - make sure the drain hole isn't clogged.
  • Check Ductwork (annually) - Make sure no ducts are disconnected. Make sure registers are blowing properly in every room.
  • Check Thermostat (Monthly) - Make sure there are no fault signals displayed. Make sure the Emergency Heat is not permanently engaged.

  • Enroll in a Maintenance Plan

    Contractors provide annual or semi-annual maintenance agreements which are recommended. They vary in price from company to company but nonetheless it's an important part of the performance and longevity of your system. Think of it as the dentist appointment for your HVAC system - if you skip them you'll pay in the end. These maintenance recommendations are not unique to geothermal, every system should be properly cared for.

    During a planned geothermal maintenance call the technician will check many components of the system. They'll check the loop pressure to ensure there are no leaks in the loop field (note: loop field leaks are extremely rare). They'll take and record a number of measurements (loop temperature, pressure drop, flow rate, etc.) which will indicate if the unit is performing to the correct specifications. These records will be used in the future to detect any unwelcome changes. They'll check the condition of the coil and clean when required. They'll check lines for corrosion and identify anything which may lead to problems in the future. Geothermal systems have lasted 30+ years but only when they are well maintained! Did we mention to change the air filter?


    3 Ton Geothermal Unit in the basement of a renovated 1800's Farmhouse. $600 Annual Heating Bill ~2,000 sqft.

    Horizontal Geo Unit

    The grey flow center circulates water in the underground loop field pipes through the heat pump at a rate of 12 gallons per minute.


    During a maintenance visit the technician goes through a checklist to ensure smoother operation all year.