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For those of you who have security systems in your home, you know that your service provider will call when it is time to change your batteries.  They can monitor your security system to ensure it is operating effectively from an office one hundred miles away.  What if you, as a geothermal contractor, could offer this same service to your clients after installing geothermal systems?  Thanks to support from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSRDA), this is now possible with a product from EnergyWise Partners.

A screenshot of EnergyWise Partners' geothermal performance webpage

EnergyWise Partners recently took part in an initiative to focus on increasing the adoption of geothermal heat pump systems.  While the geothermal heat pump industry has been growing steadily over the last several years, the percentage of geothermal systems compared to conventional HVAC systems is still incredibly small.  Two main barriers to entry in the geothermal heat pump industry have been the lack of credible information regarding the systems and homeowners’ lack of trust in the installing contractors.  To crusade both of these barriers, EnergyWise Partners decided to create an online geothermal product.  Through their persistence, they have created an innovative online interface that gives further credibility to geothermal systems, helps contractors stand out from their competition, and provides contractors with a strengthened revenue stream in maintenance and service agreements.

Provide trustworthy information

Any homeowner who has looked into purchasing a geothermal heat pump system knows that it is hard to find credible information.  The new system from EnergyWise Partners posts real-time information on the performance of geothermal heat pumps in a homeowner’s local area.  Instead of reading articles and information on geothermal websites touting 50% – 80% savings after switching to a geothermal heat pump, homeowners can see these percentages coming to life as they see energy savings from real geothermal systems in their area.  This will help

to give credibility to the industry and give homeowners a trusted source of information.

Stand out from the competition

This system also helps geothermal contractors stand out from their competitors.  Because geothermal contractors are not only competing against other geothermal contractors, but all other HVAC contractors as well, this industry can be very competitive.  Geothermal heat pumps are high end systems and require more cost than a conventional heating and cooling.  Many contractors specializing in geothermal systems have had success in their sales by combining geothermal heat pumps with high end accessories such as technologically advanced thermostats and other electronic products.  EnergyWise Partners’ system takes measurements on the ground loop, compressor, desuperheater, and air temperatures circulating through the ductwork.  It takes this information and puts it into a very user friendly interface within the installer’s website that homeowners can use to track their system and share the information with their friends and family.  By offering this product in your equipment options, you will offer a complete performance tracking system with your geothermal heat pump installations where each new monitored system becomes an online reference that drives more business to your company.

Increase maintenance revenue

While a good amount of revenue comes from the actual installation of the geothermal heat pump equipment, another great source of additional income can be generated through a maintenance agreement with the customer.  By using the geothermal monitoring system from EnergyWise Partners, contractors are able to track the efficiency of their installed systems and use this as a diagnostic tool before going out to a home for a service call.  In addition, for a small additional cost you can set up system alerts and monitor systems to let you know when it comes time for a client’s service to be issued.  If your home security company can give you a call to let you know it’s time to change your batteries, why can’t you give your clients a call to let them know their system needs a tune up?

The technology is now available to easily track the efficiency of geothermal heat pumps (or other renewable products such as solar thermal or solar electric) and sell this equipment as an additional feature on your geothermal installations.   By clamping on a few sensors and hooking up the equipment properly, you will be able to provide homeowners with their own web page within your website where they can view a real-time display of the efficiency of their geothermal system, help other homeowners in the area see the true benefits of geothermal, stand out from your competition, and offer an upgraded maintenance agreement to your customers.  For a limited number of systems, EnergyWise Partners is offering a rebate that covers the cost of the system after it is installed.  To contact EnergyWise Partners or get more information, please visit their website here!

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