New ClimateMaster Heat Pump Sets Record

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Over 50 years ago, several geothermal heat pump brands came together under the single entity of ClimateMaster.  Throughout the ensuing years, ClimateMaster has continued to produce high quality geothermal heat pump and participated as an active leader in the industry.  One of their many contributions to the industry was their initiation of the legislation that led to the 30% tax credit now available for geothermal installations.  Just recently they have raised the bar again in the geothermal industry by creating a piece of equipment that stands out with record breaking efficiency.

Geothermal heat pumps use an efficiency measurement known as EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio). A higher EER means a more efficient system.  Up until recently, geothermal heat pumps have been incredibly more efficient that conventional heating and cooling systems while operating in a range that includes EER numbers in the 30’s.  On March 19th, 2012 ClimateMaster announced their Trilogy 40 Series.  This is the first geothermal heat pump series with an EER number higher than 40!  This has been verified by the Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) for ground-loop conditions.

The Trilogy 40 series is the product of a five year collaboration between ClimateMaster and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  In addition to breaking the 40 EER mark for efficiency, it also uses ClimateMaster’s new Q-Mode technology.  While most geothermal heat pumps can only produce hot water when heating or cooling, the Trilogy 40 uses Q-Mode technology to produce year round domestic hot water.

The real test for the Trilogy 40 series will be in the energy savings it provides.  Based on current field tests, this new series will save homeowners between 55%-65% of annual energy costs for space conditioning and water heating compared to a new 13 SEER heat pump.  When comparing the Trilogy 40 series to a current state of the art two-stage geothermal heat pump, the Trilogy 40 series still touts savings of 30%-35%.

In the ensuing months and year, it will be exciting to see these systems roll out into homes around the country.  It will also be interesting to see how one of ClimateMaster’s biggest competitors, WaterFurnace, will step up to the plate to challenge this series with a series of its own.  These are exciting times in the geothermal industry!

Read the full press release on the Trilogy 40 series here
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