Advice from a Geothermal Engineer

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Comments (1)


  1. ron weber says:

    Don Easson, PE

    I installed a geothermal open loop system, using a lake as the source and dump in 1978. The inlet is 12′ below pool.
    I live in Reston, VA.

    The minimum design temperature for in water is 40 degrees F. Since the water sometimes gets below 40, the water is pre-heated under these conditions by diverting it to a 40 gal hot water tank with 3 resistors (a 3kw, a 6kw and a 6kw). Each resistor can be manually turned on or off with its own toggle switch. (The unit originally came with a sensor and when the water dropped below design the unit would automatically add heat, but this did not work well so I went to manual operation. The only problem is that manual operation is time consuming and someone has to monitor the water temperature almost daily).

    This past winter the water never dropped below 40 so I never had to add heat to the water. (A plus for global warming!)

    I wish to replace the unit with an Infinity 5-ton unit and want to keep my preheat water tank. BUT I WANT THIS TO WORK AUTOMATICALLY! I have not seen such a unit in the literature but surely it is technically possible to build the circuitry, and at a reasonable cost. Can you help me in my quest?


    Ron Weber, PE

    PS When drought conditions exist I exhaust the water to my garden and trees. Saves me about $100/year over using city water.